N.A.D. Tonic
N.A.D. Tonic N.A.D. Tonic

N.A.D. Tonic


Our Tastemaker, Nader Chabaane, created this line to be served in our bars, making sure to surprise and please our guests, even with something as simple as a G&T. He found that very often, in high end hotels, you cannot get a proper gin and tonic. It’s not because of the gin but because the bar stocks poor quality tonics. To remedy to that, he created his own tonic syrup.

In partnership with the innovative 3/4 oz team, Nader Chabaane created the “No.Average.Drink” line in order to help you make simple, high quality cocktails. We craft our syrups by selecting the best raw ingredients, by combining them with fresh and unexpected notes of fruits and tropical aromas, and then by blending them according to centuries-old recipes. Easy to use, it will keep giving you the same smiles that you had the first time you savored it.

In the tonic, Nader added bergamot, which is a fruit that reminds him of his childhood. With its very fragrant aromas blending so well with the quinine, it gives the tonic an added dimension of citrus which makes it fresh and crisp.

500ml size