Wee Ollie - Childrens Travel Kit

All the essitental for when travelling with a child, this conveniently packed travel bag includes:


Body Lotion: hydrating lotion enriched with aloe vera and shea butter

30 ml / 1fl oz.

Hair Wash: get the tresses shining with this scented shampoo

36 ml / 1.25 fl oz.

Bubble Bath: start splashing with this bubbling bath gel with the fresh scent of orange creamsicle

36 ml / 1.25 fl oz.

Cleaning Soap: this soothing soap will gently cleanse skin and give a healthy glow

30 g / 1 oz.

Toothpaste: Fresh mint flavour to ensure

6.9ml / 0.35 oz.


Just grab and go, complete with a soft Ollie teddy bear to have as a travel buddy. Kids will love this!