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10 Ways to Get the Perfect Hotel Sleep Experience at Home

There is something about staying in a Fairmont guest room that lulls people to sleep at night. Maybe it’s the crisp sheets or the feathery pillows, or perhaps it’s the blackout curtains or the supportive mattress. Whatever it is, it works wonders. If you want to get better sleep at home, try these 10 sleeping tips to recreate your hotel stay so you can get the restful snooze you need.

1. Get Plenty of Sunshine

Staying at a hotel usually means you’re out during the day, exploring the wonders a new city has to offer. Did you know that sunshine can affect your natural circadian rhythm? Getting outdoors during the day can help you get a more peaceful sleep at night.

2. Create a Relaxing Ritual

Engaging in a calming activity before you go to bed signals your body to prepare for sleep. Consider reading the paperback you brought on your last trip or sip a cup of organic decaffeinated Lot 35 tea such as Egyptian Camomile to encourage sweet dreams.

3. Be Sure to Move

Vigorous exercise is a great way to stay healthy and promote better sleep. Go for a run, hit the gym, or walk up and down the stairs to get your heart pumping. Experts recommend that you complete high-intensity cardio workouts at least two hours before bedtime to give your body time to relax.

4. Invest in a Supportive Mattress

The best way to get better sleep might begin with your mattress. Since the average person spends about 26 years of their life asleep, a great mattress is a must. That’s why Fairmont hotels partners with Stearns & Foster and Sealy Posturepedic for mattresses that deliver opulent comfort.

5. Make Comfort a Priority

Low-quality sheets and blankets make it difficult to get high-quality rest. Our high-quality sheets are made of 100% cotton. Lightweight duvets add the right amount of warmth year-round and can have a natural or synthetic filling.

6. Support Your Head

Don’t neglect your head and neck when you’re dressing your bed. In order to choose the right pillow for a better night of sleep, you need to consider your favorite sleep position. Then it’s a matter of natural down & feathers or synthetic fillings to create the right support for your sleep style.

7. Cool the Room

Create the perfect sleep environment before getting under the covers. Science suggests the best room temperature for sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit, so check the thermostat.

8. Limit Exposure to Blue Light

Just as sunlight affects your circadian rhythm, blue light from your digital devices also affects you. It can actually trick your body into thinking it’s time to get up. Stop looking at your screen 2-3 hours before you want to fall asleep.

9. Avoid Distractions

It’s tempting to fall asleep while watching a movie or listening to the news. But a report from Harvard University medical school recommends removing the TV and digital devices from the bedroom. Fewer distractions means you’ll associate the bedroom with sleep instead of entertainment.

10. Stick to a Schedule

Setting a routine bedtime shouldn’t be reserved for toddlers and children. Everyone benefits from establishing and sticking to a regular schedule for sleep. And while toddlers need a nap, adults who nap during the day will likely find it difficult to fall asleep at night.

Getting better sleep at home, just like you did as a Fairmont hotel guest, is within reach with these sleeping tips. By prioritizing your sleep and making sure your surroundings encourage rest, you’ll be on your way to dreamland.

About the Author

Anam Ahmed is an avid traveler, writer, and editor. Her journeys have taken her everywhere from the jungles of Cambodia to the canals of Venice and back home to the markets of Toronto. She is always on the lookout for sleeping tips so she can get the rest she needs everywhere she goes.


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