Five Ways to Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine and Prep your Skin for Warmer Temps

Five Ways to Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine and Prep your Skin for Warmer Temps

With thermostats on the rise, it’s time to evaluate your beauty routine and synchronize your product choices with the changing temperatures.  The Fairmont Store has a few beauty-related tips that will have you springing into the new season.

Out with the Old 

Start by ridding yourself of outdated items by checking dates on all your beauty products.  If there is no expiry date, the smell can be a reasonably good indication of spoilage as well as any oil separation. However, when it comes to skincare products, it’s best to err on the side of caution as an open product can harbor bacteria and germs.  

Bacteria can also form in your washcloth. Ideally, it’s best if you can change your washcloth daily and replace it with a new one at least every two years.  Fairmont’s Bamboo Washcloth is super absorbent and easy to clean, the perfect addition to your bath and hand towel set.

Take Stock of Your Beauty Collection and Invest in Quality Products

Skincare should shift with the seasons. Take stock of your beauty items every six months and assess what you are running low on. What didn’t serve you this past season? Guilty of purchasing an item that sounded better on Instagram? It is best to turf or recycle that product if it takes up space or if the results don’t match the product expectations. 

As the adage goes, sometimes less is more. So, focus on what works for your skin type and is free of toxic or harmful ingredients. Fairmont Store’s Kerstin Florian premium skincare collection blends science with superior natural ingredients such as vitamin C, algae extracts, minerals, and everlasting flower water for transformative products that pamper your skin without all the harsh chemicals.

Deep Clean Your Routine

A thorough cleaning to avoid sticky products and bacteria build-up is essential to complete on a seasonal basis. Ensure you cleanse brushes, applicators, and even that makeup or travel bag. Try to set aside time for the cleaning when you can go makeup-free such as a Sunday or a day or two before you have to travel.

Swap Winter for Spring Skincare

As temps rise your skin can start to resist heavier products that can result in clogged pores.  Just as you would swap out your winter wardrobe for a summer one, it’s equally important to shift what you use on your skin.  Protect your skin from congestion with lighter textures such as the Clarifying Starter Trio from Kerstin Florian with Mineral Enzyme Cleanser, Probiotic Mineral Tonic, Daily Hydrator, and Travel Case offering cleansing, toning, and moisturizing to create a balanced and healthy-looking complexion. 

The changing of seasons is also a great time to renew your complexion with a mask that provides exfoliation properties and removes dead skin cells, restoring radiance.  ANDA’s Enzyme Serum-Masque’s blend of pomegranate, red raspberry, and Tasmanian pepper berry superfruit enzymes gently exfoliate the skin to enhance texture, smoothness, and radiance.

Remain Vigilant with Sunscreen

When the days grow longer, and the hours of sun exposure increase, the UV rays increasingly have the ability to cause irreversible damage to the skin. While sunscreen is recommended year-round, especially if you use retinol or exfoliating acids, Spring is a critical time to ensure you are stocked up on protective cream to avoid damage. Kersten Florian Correcting Multivitamin Day Crème SPF 30 is lightweight yet hydrating, protecting your skin from UV rays, free radicals, and the effects of environmental stress, boosting your skin’s radiance…ideal for putting a spring in your step this season!