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    Organic Joie De Provence Loose Leaf (Decaf) - Lot 35

    Organic Joie De Provence Loose Leaf (Decaf) - Lot 35


    Smooth and soothing, organic Joie De Provence is a loose leaf Rooibos tea enhanced with fruit and flowers. Enjoy the natural sweetness of Rooibos and delight in ripe berry notes and the comforting aroma of rose and French lavender. Naturally caffeine-free, this anytime herbal tea from Lot 35 is delicious hot or served over ice.

    Harvested from the River Neil in Egypt to the Cascade Mountains in Oregon and Washington State. Lot 35 herbals feature hand-picked ingredients from around the world. Crafted exclusively for Fairmont by the Metropolitan Tea Company, this luxurious collection reflects the nuance and terroir of each region where it is grown. Indulge in a special blend as extraordinary as our exceptional, landmark venues. . All Lot 35 teas are small batch crafted, vegan, kosher and gluten free.

    Our essential tools like our 3-4-5 Tea Timer or Lot 35 Tea Filters will help you to make the perfect cup of tea. 


    Ingredients: Rooibos, elderberry, rosehip, blueberry pieces, rose and lavender petals and natural flowers.

    Herbs Origin: South Africa, Bulgaria, Chile, Turkey. Flowers Origin: France.

    Net 100 g / 3.5 oz. of loose tea in a paper canister.

    Caffeine-free, medium antioxidant properties, the longer the tea is brewed the better the antioxidant benefits.


    Mild: 2-3 minutes Medium: 4-5 minutes Strong: 6-7 minutes

    We recommend: 2-3 minutes, made easy with our handy 345 Tea Timer. If brewing for iced tea purposes, brew the tea slightly longer. The ice will dilute it.

    Tips & Tricks:
    Powerhouse tea full of antioxidants and vitamins, a perfect everyday tea.
    Make ice cubes to flavor water or popsicles for the kids.
    Make this a base for a summertime cocktail.
    Reduce calories by using a base for smoothies instead of juice.
    Excellent alternative to black or green tea.



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