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Reserve Sencha Saemidori Loose Leaf – Lot 35

Reserve Sencha Saemidori Loose Leaf – Lot 35

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The deep verdant tones of Reserve Sencha Saemidori tea leaves release a luxury green tea of unparalleled flavor. This loose leaf tea from Lot 35 is only grown three weeks per year and offers a delicate, refreshing green tea flavor with sweet, buttery notes. Savor the moment with this exclusive and precious tea.

Lot 35 tea offers the finest hand-picked teas from around the world. Crafted exclusively for Fairmont by the Metropolitan Tea Company, this luxurious collection reflects the nuance and terroir of the regions where each tea was carefully grown. Indulge in a special blend as extraordinary as our exceptional, landmark venues.

Pamper yourself by curling up with this special cup of tea while relaxing in a plush, lightweight Panama Robe.

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