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Summer Seasonal Tea Bundle

Summer Seasonal Tea Bundle

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The Summer Seasonal Tea Bundle includes:

Peach Apricot
A flavory and tasty combination of mellow peaches with deep full flavored apricots. This fruit combination has a delicate, intensely sweet flavor profile. The characters of both fruits together blend into a harmonious explosion of citrus-y goodness.

Raspberry Lemonade
You will love our limited-time only Raspberry Lemonade tea blend. This Herbal tea has a delicious lemonade taste with a lingering raspberry finish. The refreshingly tart raspberry and lemon are lively and alluring and will leave you wanting more.

Lemon Cream Darjeeling
Indulge in the harmonious fusion of the world's finest tea leaves and the invigorating essence of lemon with our Creamy Lemon Darjeeling Tea. From India’s Champagne district, this flavorful Darjeeling is brightened with a creamy lemon bouquet.

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