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    Tea at The Empress (Empress Orange Pekoe)

    Tea at The Empress (Empress Orange Pekoe)

    This blend of organic seasonal quality tea was specially created for afternoon Tea at The Empress. The Assam component (2nd flush June production) gives a thick, malty and full-bodied character; the Kenya (Nandi region, January production) and Tanzania (Usambara region, January production) components give floral-like flavour and a golden coppery infusion; the South Indian component (Nilgiri mountains, January production) gives superb fruity and sprightly flavour with a lovely finish; the Ceylon (Dimbula region, January production) gives an airy, almost piquant, flavour that opens the blend; and the China (Anhui province, April production) gives a burgundy depth with light oaky notes. Truly one of the world's great teas! Gluten free.

    Box contains 2 individually sealed bags containing 24 tea bags in each. Please note tea bags are not individually wrapped.
    Our Pyramid Tea Bags are made from a plant based material (sugar cane, corn, or abaca) all of which are biodegradable. They are NOT made from nylon or any other petroleum based compound. 

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